The VR live game for the first time to eat crabs is "CS:GO"

For those who like esports and love to play VR, your long-awaited VR live event will be on the agenda. The ESL ONE "CS:GO" event will be held in New York from October 1 to October 2. This event will also be the first VR video live event to eat crabs.

Users who want to watch live broadcasts can choose, which will support VR live broadcast platforms including devices such as IOS, Android, Oculus Rift, htc vive, and Gear VR. The platform recently won a $6.2 million seed round of financing for the development of its virtual reality immersive platform that can watch large-scale eSports competitions and events such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends. And Dota 2.

According to VR Daily's understanding of's technology, multiple arrays of virtual cameras are used to record game games in a 360-degree environment, especially games that do not currently support VR mode, such as League of Legends. The patents that have been approved include SDKs and game connectivity modules that allow non-VR games to be compatible with VR mode during playback and use players and game metadata in a VR environment. Competitors include Twitch and YouTube.

The first trial of VR live in the eSports competition really attracted the attention of many players. After all, this type of game perspective is not the same as other games. There are still many challenges in trying VR live. Taking advantage of the National Day holiday, if you do not want to travel, but also e-sport players, may wish to see a VR live at home is a good arrangement.

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