This ML COB LED bulb solution dwarfs SMD

As the leading LED lighting white light device brand in China, Hongli Zhihui has been committed to providing high quality light source products for the industry and customers, and providing the best lighting application solutions.

For the bulb application, Hongli Zhihui has launched a ML COB series of light source products. Compared with the commonly used SMD light source modules on the market, ML COB has the technical advantages of high reliability, anti-vulcanization and process simplification.

The high reliability of ML COB is mainly reflected in two aspects:

1, structure. ML COB adopts flip-chip structure, completely discarding gold wire, no risk of wire breakage, collapse line, and virtual soldering (as shown below).

2, high temperature performance. Under the same power driving conditions, the thermal resistance of the conventional SMD light source module is 71.7 ° C / W, and the ML COB of Hongli is only 2.4 ° C / W. That is to say, the high temperature performance of ML COB is excellent, and the luminous flux maintenance rate is also excellent.

Most importantly, this ML COB solves the problem of vulcanization commonly encountered during the use of conventional SMD bulbs. According to the experimental data, the functional zone of the conventional SMD lamp bead has been blackened after high temperature vulcanization, and no abnormality has occurred after the high temperature vulcanization of ML COB.

Finally, according to the relevant technical person in charge of Hongli Zhihui, the ML COB light source directly saves the patching process on the application side, and can be assembled in two steps, which greatly simplifies the assembly process of the client's lamps and has a certain cost. Innate advantage.

Some customers' evaluation of MLCOB:

1. It has been developed in cooperation with our bulb customers. The samples have been tested by customers, especially at high temperatures compared with the performance of SMD products;

2. The customer is very recognized by our company's MLCOB process, the process is mature and MLCOB has already obtained relevant patents;

3. The customers who currently send samples generally reflect that MLCOB is the direction of future performance improvement of bulbs, and it is also the way to maximize cost performance.

About Hongli Zhihui

Hongli Zhihui Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004 with a registered capital of 670 million. Headquartered in Guangzhou, China, it is a leading listed company in China's leading LED lighting white light devices and application products.

The group's business mainly consists of two major industries: LED+ car networking. The company actively extends its upstream and downstream fields with its own advantages in the field of LED packaging, including LED brackets & optical lenses, LED packages (white light, UVA/UVB/UVC), LED automotive lighting, LED general lighting, and EMC&BT projects.

Hongli Zhihui owns Jiangxi Hongli Optoelectronics, Shenzhen Smect Semiconductor, Guangzhou Fo Da Signal, Guangzhou Laidiya Lighting, Dongguan Liangyou Hardware, Dongguan Jincai Hardware, Guangzhou Zhongying Gongyuan, Shenzhen Xusheng Semiconductor, etc. Photoelectric brand.

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