Top Ten Forecasts of Relevant Technologies and Strategies for Industrial Internet of Things in 2016

Industry analysts made the 2016 Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and its top 10 forecasts for manufacturing structure and strategy.

ARC Advisory Group analyst Greg Gorbach gave the top ten trends forecast for 2016. He said that these trends "are an interesting mix of positioning and technology, and the combination of the two points to the momentum of the industry." Gorbach's top ten predictions include:

1. More and more "digital conversion" is heard. In the face of what caused the next wave of manufacturing intelligence, Gorbach mentioned that no single name can explain the potential benefits particularly well. He wrote, "'Digital Conversion' is a good name because it reflects the voice of the end users, who say they can no longer continue to use their old technology, processes and business models to run their business, even if not Knowing where to start must also make changes."

2. Focus on customer relationships. Sensors are installed on more and more devices, and the more data the manufacturer can get on how the end user interacts with the device. This, in turn, will help create new products that are more responsive.

3. Platform, platform, platform. Gorbach said that the term "platform" is often used, but it does not exactly explain what the platform can achieve. He promises to do more research to define this word.

4. External expertise to improve application performance management. External service offerings have two advantages for manufacturers, Gorbach writes: “The knowledge, skills and capabilities to support plant assets such as control valves, switches and other equipment will begin to shift from insourcing or contractual direct employment to remote services.” He said. “This change has also alleviated the industry’s concerns about the retirement of skilled workers.”

5. Refer to the structural rules. “The reference structure will continue to be a hot topic for the next year and will strengthen the continued convergence of IT (information technology) and OT (operational technology).

6. Analysis is everywhere. Gorbach believes that how to deal with all the data will be a big problem in 2016. "If we can only make an analysis and forecast for 2016, it should be like this: Most companies will say, 'Okay, the data has been collected, what are you doing now?'"

7. Supply Chain Control Tower. Supply chain management is a critical issue for industrial IoT adopters, and Gorbach said that this part of the plant will benefit from enhanced tracking, real-time alerts, and enhanced decision making through predictive analytics.

8. Network security. Information technology security is a key issue in modern factories that are receiving increasing attention and analysis. Gorbach cites strategies such as one-way security gateway solutions that manufacturers can use to implement network security.

9. Provide better protection for edge devices. Gorbach pointed out that legacy network edge devices are a weakness of the Internet of Things and Industrial Internet of Things, which are slow to update and costly to replace. Providing protection for these devices should be the responsibility of the network.

10. Wait, be different! Gorbach pointed out that the fundamental changes in the manufacturing industry driven by the adoption and implementation of the Industrial Internet of Things did not begin at the device level. He said: "More and more control engineers finally began to understand the digital conversion potential of the Industrial Internet of Things is different from what they have done for SCADA and automation systems for 30 years." He said: "Software, scalability, analysis And the possibility of completely transforming the business process is a factor that really promotes the use of technology and the digital transformation.

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