TV light application reflections: Enjoy a light, relaxing, elegant high-definition digital tour

Foreword I believe everyone has experience. After installing a brand-new smart TV or smart set-top box into our hands for a period of time, we will encounter the situation of “insufficient storage space, please remove the old software” when installing the game or software. Failed to install the application. The most direct reason for this is the excessive number of applications installed.
Some friends may say: "Oh, this is simple, I can't decorate the application!" This method sometimes works. However, if we are chasing drama fans, film and television madman, Korean drama powder, high-definition fans, then the storage space is a little useless, and sometimes the boot will be very card. Sometimes, in order to chase after a TV drama, we often need to install a few or even a dozen popular TV applications. What are "IQI Kiwifruit," "Liche TV," "CIBN HDTV," "Tencent Video"? , "Mango TV", "Phoenix video", "Lok TV", "Sina video", ... ... and so on, there are a lot of forests. It seems that if you don't put enough of your app to use it, some programs may not find a source.
However, today I used the sofa butler application market on the smart set-top box to download and install an application called "TV light application TV version". Oh, a software put all the TV applications together, and it's all done!

Installation steps and methods Searching for the installation application is very simple. First click on the sofa butler and click on the sofa butler's search option.

Then in the search interface, enter the TV light application initials "DSQYY" immediately to search for this application, and finally click on the download, install it!

Download ~~~~~

Automatic installation settings ~~~~~

PS: There are a lot of smart TV application markets. I love the “sleef butler”. I usually install and download applications here. The sofa butler is a very good TV box application store. This software perfectly supports popular models on the market such as Lynx Box, Xiaomi, Leshi, Meile, Skyworth, TCL, Konka, Hisense, Changhong, Haimeidi, Kaiboer, etc., allowing you to better manage applications on TV. .
The TV application of the TV version is a collection of common software tools. It solves the problems that you need to install, use, broadcast, video, music, news, pictures, education, games, and tools in your daily smart TV or box. All content is the point Instantly, you no longer need to tediously install and open one by one. All the features are integrated in the same application. Installing one application will satisfy all your needs on smart TVs or boxes.
Attached, sofa butler download link: http://

Use introduction

Click the icon after installation to start the TV light application

There are four major sections for TV light applications, namely the "My", "Video", "Application", "Games" and "Settings" sections.

What are the main requirements for us to buy TV? Of course, the number one ranking is the live TV broadcast, a variety of exciting on-demand broadcasts, episodes, and television TV applications. We have integrated TV live broadcasts, "Liche TV," "CIBN HDTV," "Tencent Video," and "Mango TV." "," "Phoenix Video", "Lok TV", etc., these contents are ready-to-use and can be used directly without downloading and installing.

PS: to remind everyone to pay attention, in order to ensure a perfect user experience, the upper right corner with "APP" icon application needs to download, install to use, click will automatically download and prompt installation.
I tried to watch the program with “Mango TV.” First click on the icon to enter the program. It is very convenient to watch the movie.

Similarly, try Tencent video, there is no problem to complete, usually need to install a one-step application to get it all!

The live quality of TV light applications is very high. You can see a lot of live TV stations, covering most TV channels and TV channels, thousands of very clear live TV stations and HD sources, and HD live broadcasts in sync with TV stations to keep content at all times. The update of the program source,

The quality of viewing is no less than professional broadcast software. Users watching TV live will definitely like this section!

Video on demand is also very powerful, TV light applications include a number of film and television sites, such as "Litch TV", "CIBN HD video", "Tencent video", "Mango TV", "Phoenix video", "LTV", "Betta "Live", "CCTV Live", "Sina Video", ... and so on, are all quite a few.

The application section is also quite good, including some applications that are often used, such as "Microphone", "Gourmet Application", "Perpetual Calendar" and so on.

I usually like to listen to music, so I first try a microphone radio, I feel pretty good, enter the program is still very fast!

Blessed are the game-loving friends. You can watch this game section, which contains popular games. For example, "The Stickman Runs," "Save the Snowman," "Nerve Cat," "Racing," "Best Basketball," etc.

I believe that friends with children at home are very fond of it, and the fun games simply cannot stop!

Setting up sections is something that you usually need, such as "one button cleaning", "wallpaper", "application recommendation", "download management", and so on.

The use of reflections The biggest advantage of TV light applications is "lightness", which is unmatched by other types of applications!

★ All the functions are integrated. After the installation is completed, it is only more than 40 megabytes in size. It occupies very little storage space and can be described as “lightweight”.
★ run up less memory, run faster, click on the operating program can be opened in seconds, not stuck, can be described as "bright."
★ Click-to-use, no need to download and install, installing a TV light application is equivalent to installing hundreds of applications at the same time, can be described as "easy."

An application can satisfy everything you need. Is this attractive to you? Friends, download and install now! With it, your smart TV and box need only install it and the sofa butler is enough, with it, you can make your smart TV or smart set-top box from this space, run light, bid farewell to bloated and dull, enjoy Easy, elegant high-definition digital tour!

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