US astronauts successfully control ground robots using interstellar networks

NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) have recently tested a technology that will one day be expected to achieve an Internet-like connection between the Earth and robots on another planet.

Sunita Williams is the commander of the 33rd expedition of the International Space Station. He successfully drove a Lego toy robot at the European Space Operations Center in Germany using NASA's experimental Tolerance Network (DTN) protocol at the end of last month.

NASA said the European-led experiment simulates a scenario in which an astronaut in orbit around another planet controls a rover that is operating on the surface of the planet. Badri? BadriYounes is the Associate Director of Space Communications and Navigation at NASA's Washington headquarters. He said: "This demonstration demonstrates the feasibility of using a new communication technology to transfer commands from the track to the ground robot and receive the images and data returned by them." Yonis said: "This time we use international The experimentally tolerant network protocol tested by the space station may one day be used for astronauts to communicate with Mars orbit on Mars or directly on the Earth using relay satellites."

NASA officials said that the test's fault-tolerant network protocol was a new technology that enabled standard communications to achieve long-distance transmission and withstand time delays. At the heart of this technology is a content called the "Package Protocol" (BP), which is similar to the network protocol, IP, which forms the cornerstone of the Internet on Earth.

However, there is still a difference between the two. For example, the IP protocol defines a seamlessly connected end-to-end path, while the BP protocol specifically considers the adaptation to error and the tolerant network environment, because this is in deep space communication. Medium is very common.

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