# Valentine's Day Ceremony # HUAWEI Huawei Mate 9 Photographing Some Experiences

I. Introduction

Send poisonous dog food to everyone before Valentine's Day

What kind of experience is Valentine's Day with her husband? I. The foreword The first map really does not know where to look, so I looked for a famous three-character word for the “Huang Di” teacher. I said that the recent small value asked me to submit a draft, saying that I should write a Valentine's Day. Experience, let the valued friends feel how the married people lived on Valentine's Day. Witty I have long seen through the sinister intentions of a small value, he wanted me to send! dog! grain! However, I thought carefully, as if I had never had Valentine's Day ever since I got married. I am 15 years old and her husband's black tulip sias| Likes 108 Comments 122 Collections 126 View Details

Then this year, I think it's time to take the initiative to ask her husband for Valentine's Day gifts. Then the following conversation happened.

Qi Wei husband said Huawei mate 9 is indeed a gift to me, because he did not know what dog to go to win the award in the unit of the annual meeting and 6G+128G full Netcom high version.

Because the old fair often does not require much on the mobile phone, so I have used Leica dual camera mate 9 for me to use, he himself used my knock out to enjoy the 6S

Before I wrote it, I enjoyed the evaluation of 6S. Because of my limited level, it was a mess of writing.

The beauty effect is good - Huawei enjoys 6S evaluation First, all thanks to the foreword First of all, thank you Xiaobian for giving me this valuable test opportunity to a mobile phone that has never evaluated me. At the same time, thank you Huawei. I am an old Huawei user. After using Samsung Galaxy S4, Huawei has been using Huawei. From glory 4C to glory 6 her husband used the glory 4C that I had eliminated after red rice 1S was eliminated. I now use the glory I have eliminated. Mother-in-law has always used Huawei to glorify 4X, so the entire family is Huawei's old user, for black tulips sias| Like 0 Comments 12 Collections 6 View Details

So this time only writing photographs, other aspects are really afraid of writing

Second, out of the box

First attach a purchase link

Huawei Mate 9 6GB+128GB Mocha Gold Mobile China Unicom Telecom 4G Phone Dual SIM Dual Standby 4499 yuan Hardware configuration The three products of the Mate 9 series have these major commonalities: all carry the Kirin 960 chip, which is also the world's first Cortex-A73 CPU Chip, CPU performance increase of 18%, energy efficiency ratio increased by 15%; also the world's first Mali-G7871 eight-core GPU, GPU performance increased by 180%, energy efficiency increased by 40%, the first to support Vulkan 3D engine on Android 7.0, Tu Jingdong direct Link to Wikipedia

Out of the box can still be written (or rely on what word count), mate 9 box is still relatively high grade

Back close-up

Moka King, actually I didn't really like this color, but I didn't get it.

The box design is simple but not simple

Also sent a plastic phone case (very bad, not slippery, I have been replaced)

Miscellaneous items such as manuals and warranty cards

There are chargers and headphones and other accessories, in general, the packaging is very clean and more atmospheric

What the appearance of the mobile phone is on the Internet, I will not say. Mate 9 is relatively large, now accustomed to the big-screen mobile phone is not used to the original small screen of the phone. Fortunately, I am a 173 female Chinese paper, the hand is relatively large, otherwise it is really difficult to control such a large mobile phone.

The phone case on the back has been replaced by a cute cat

Third, some of the camera function experience

Mate 9 camera function is really very rich, said, I do not have fully learned now, some features are more in need of technical content

Photo settings

First of all, from the photo page, there are a lot of feature settings

The top can choose standard, bright, soft three kinds of shooting styles, from my personal experience point of view, select the standard effect, shoot out the color effect is also very bright. On the far left is the flash, and next to the flash is a large aperture.

The following PRO is a selection of professional features, such as ISO, shutter speed, exposure value and focus mode

The camera function is very powerful, but I will not use these functions in PRO.

The right pull also has some camera settings, such as the resolution can be adjusted (the highest resolution is 20M 5120*3840), and then you can automatically add a watermark (installed mandatory). The reference line makes it easy to take pictures and it is very easy to use.

Simulate large aperture

It's awesome to simulate a large aperture shooting scene and take a photo shoot with a cat.

In layman's terms, simulating a large aperture will make you take a picture with your hand and feel like a SLR camera.

For example, take food


Take flowers

Sure enough, a worker must first sharpen his tools if he wants to do good things. With mate 9, I can also install Wenqing.

Algorithm defect

Of course, after all, it's not really a big aperture, but it's the result of a simulation of the "aberration" from the mobile phone. There are bound to be flaws in the algorithm, especially when the picture becomes more complex.

The following picture was taken when I took the National Day to sterilize. It can be clearly seen that the edge of the cage was falsely blurred.

This photo at first glance does not matter

But if you zoom in and look closely, you will find the problem

Therefore, after simulating a large aperture, the effect of SLR is still not completely given.


Speaking of self-timer, Chang enjoy 6S has beauty makeup function, but not on mate 9, so have to rely on APP ~~

I use a software called “faceu smashing”, which is good for self-timer fun and beauty makeup.

Fourth, summary

In addition to the price is too high, mate 9 is really a very good cell phone.

In addition, individuals think that 6G memory is completely unnecessary, and buying a 4G version is enough if you buy it yourself.

I am also a little pollen and hope that Huawei will do better.

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