Walking can also generate electricity, the secret is here

Being able to monitor every step and footprint that has been recorded, and to observe and judge each person's walking habits, Future Shape has developed such a smart textile floor, they install an ultra-thin sensor into the textile material, through the wireless The signal sends the data to a central database. The floor of these textile materials can be installed in a commercial or nursing center. If someone is found to have fallen, the caregiver will receive a warning prompt to provide emergency assistance quickly.

Smart floor can monitor people's walking frequency and convert it into electricity

In addition to Future Shape's products, Elizabeth Redmond has also developed its own Powerleap smart floor, which not only monitors products that track residents' walking habits, but also develops smart floors that can generate electricity. When installing in Central Park, you only need to walk on the top. Producing safe currents, and this is not just an idea. You can experience such smart floors at Heathrow Airport in London, England. The Bloomington School in Indiana is also equipped with sensors on each floor that can be monitored. Foot movement, while at the same time can produce a certain amount of electrical energy by changing the magnetic field.

Inventor Laurence Kemball-Cook told foreign media that every step on the floor would generate 7 watts of power, which would be saved into the battery and used to generate electricity when needed, as an off-grid power source for the city. Although it looks ordinary, it is not much different from other floors, and it has a lot of built-in current loops and is expensive. The cost per square meter costs about 10,000 yuan.

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