Want to play snowballs, but also afraid of cold? Then come in a VR game!

This winter, there was a big snow. Our family went to the Three Horse Square to make a snowman. My brother rolled a big snowball as the snowman's belly. I rolled a small snowball as the snowman's head. My mother found a tree stick and poked two holes on the snowman's head. It used the snowman's eyes and used another one. Carrots are the nose of the snowman. In this way, a beautiful snowman will be piled up. The snowman is smiling at us, as if to say to us, "Hello!" The above is a primary school diary.



I don't know if you have such a snowball experience. If you don't have it, you can experience the thrill of snowball in "Snowday" game! "Snowday" is an online multiplayer game that supports matching matches. The background is set in the American community of winter, with snowmen, snow walls, pine trees, vehicles and more. The gameplay is also very simple, just like a real snowball fight: throw snowballs and knock down your enemies.


In the game, players can use one hand to throw snowballs and the other to block snowballs. If you hit the goggles with a snowball, the snow will bloom and blur your view. There are many ways for players to avoid attacks. You can use the snow wall as a cover, with the following squats, arm blocks and flexible moves to avoid snowballs. In addition, players can also discuss tactics with teammates. As in reality, “come with peers”, the feeling of killing 7 or 8 enemies at once is believed to be very cool! There is a sense of fullness of snowballing, but I have not let myself Frozen! This is the most important thing.

It is reported that this "Snowday" game will be on Steam on November 30, support htc vive.

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