Watch TVB live TV drama video software download 【Summary】

Sofa Butler Industry How to watch TVB Live TV series? Which video software needs to be downloaded or installed? Next, I will recommend four TVB video softwares that are currently very popular. Pay attention to the characteristics of each software. Don't be wrong.

1, vst all polymerization


1) The latest real-time serial TVB TV series, but the number is different, only 318, many classic movies are not;

2) The definition of TVB drama series in serialization is SD;

3) Most of the older dramas are mostly high-definition and ultra-clear;

4) You can select Cantonese version or Mandarin version to suit different user tastes;

Enter the TVB TV show method: click "on demand" - "TV drama" - "TVB drama"

2. TV cat


1) Content is relatively more aggregated than VST, with 840 TV shows

2) Support Mandarin and Cantonese versions

3), can see the actor related works

4) Serialized TV sets still have low resolution

How to enter the TVB drama: remote control press "" - TV series - Hong Kong TVB

3, Tai Jie video


1) The content is very rich, with up to 1,100 TV shows;

2) It does not provide the latest serial TVB TV series, mostly old versions, but the definition is very high;

3) Does not support bilingualism;

Enter the TVB drama method: click "TV drama" - "Hong Kong and Taiwan hits";

4. Bee video


1) The number of TVB dramas is too small, only 50;
2) Provide the latest serialization series without TVB drama;
3), can be downloaded to the local viewing;
4) Does not support bilingual species;

Enter method: click "on demand" - "TV series" - "TVB featured"

All the above four video softwares can be used to watch TVB TV series online, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages, which can be freely downloaded according to its own needs, but it can be used on smart TVs or network set-top boxes. Here I still want to say, as long as you have a network set-top box or smart TV, combined with TVB program source, you can watch TVB TV series (it is online) through DIY custom program source function, the process is not complicated .

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