What 3G Mobile Phones Bring to E-Reading

If the Internet has changed the world, then 3G mobile phones are fueling this change. It has opened the era of mobile Internet, which has brought a huge impact on the existing management system, business model, copyright legal system, and has a huge impact on e-reading. of.

One of the effects of expanding electronic reading. 3G mobile phones can download books, articles, and newspapers. Today, many newspapers have a mobile version or MMS version, and telecommunications companies have also educated e-readers with amazing efficiency through free flow fees and other means. All the industries associated with traditional reading methods, such as publishing houses, paper media, logistics and physical bookstores, have been shocked by this kind of electronic reading. How to achieve the digital transformation of publishing? It is well known that most text providers in digital channels do not make money in the short term. However, more and more publishers have begun to cooperate with the digital printing platform of the main animal color.

A sunrise industry that represents the new trend of digital publishing and e-reading is on the rise. From software developers, equipment manufacturers, to telecom operators, content providers, all are on the move. One month after China Mobile's mobile reading base was put into commercial use, more than 20 million users were accessed. Now, the monthly information fee income exceeds 100 million yuan. The economic benefits of e-reading are evident.

The second is to speed up the arrival of the era of electronic reading, which will inevitably intensify the digital copyright dispute. The fundamental reason why authors and publishers boycott electronic publishing and mobile reading is digital copyright. Throughout 2011, related disputes and discussions never stopped. At the beginning of March 15th, 50 frontline writers published "Chinese Writers Discuss Baidu Book", claiming that content uploaded and downloaded by users of "Baidu Library" was infringing copyrights. It was "burial place for writers" and Baidu claimed that they only provided There is no infringement of the storage space and sharing platform, which evolves into a public event in the cultural world. In November, Baidu library was again sued by a writer. In early December, Baidu's library was revised to separate the library of bookstores that provide genuine digital resources into “Baidu Reading”. At the end of December, the relevant person in charge of the General Administration of Press and Publication went to Baidu to conduct a special investigation on “strengthening copyright protection and promoting the development of the Internet industry”, and innovative work on Baidu’s copyright management, copyright protection technology, copyright business model, and copyright research. To be sure, it once again stimulated the discussion of digital publishing trends and patterns.

The difficulty in maintaining digital rights comes from two aspects. The first is that the text works are easily copied and the infringement costs are low, which makes the spread of piracy very common. Secondly, copyright includes paper copyright, digital network transmission rights, and various licenses. The works eventually appear on 3G mobile phones through the Internet, often after many rounds of delivery, and many content providers cannot provide information from the source (the author himself). The complete authorization path for the end point (electronic platform). In this regard, in addition to strengthening the copyright concept of supervision, the judiciary, and netizens (mobile phone users), it is of utmost importance that the Internet platform strengthens copyright protection control so that “no authorization is allowed and no spread”.

No matter what kind of reading is good. The 3G mobile phone is accelerating the arrival of the era of electronic reading. I hope it is an era of reading that has laws and regulations and rules that can benefit all parties.

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