What are the smart TVs that are always full of content?

From the earliest start of cable TV, we couldn't finish watching the smart TV content that we couldn't finish. This development lasted for decades, but the change was big enough to surprise our users. With the popularization of television intelligence, from an industry point of view, the Internet TV brand known for its content has opened up the inherent situation of traditional TV manufacturers, and has achieved good results. It can be seen that both content and hardware can be simultaneously performed. The well-known LeTV is not Is the user paying for the content, and the hardware is free?

Today's smart TV content can be comparable to the Internet, to meet the diversified entertainment needs of home users. The video website platform on the Internet cooperates with the Internet TV licensees to form a variety of APK applications installed on smart TVs to enter the big screen market and become the content resources of smart TVs. And look at the trend, basically TV single product will not only access a video aggregation platform, most of the products are in cooperation with many parties, which is a great benefit for our users. After all, the main function of TV is to look at the content. The more content, the more it meets the user's expectations. From the content, what TVs can win? Before this, we have to understand which platform is the most worthwhile content.

According to Ove Cloud's data, the content of smart TVs covers the recent hot and high-quality resources, and Tencent's video content coverage of high-quality content is the highest proportion of mainstream applications.

In other words, with the installation of the Tencent video TV terminal - Penguin TV's smart TV, the content is surely guaranteed. You can not only see a large number of single broadcast resources, such as "The Battle of Nature," "The Great Reversal," "Our Ten "Year", "Please Come to the Wardrobe", "A Concert of Faye Wong", and a large number of self-produced dramas "If Snail Has Love" and "Zhu Xian Special", Tencent Animation is basically responsible for the rise of Guo Man. In addition to these tasks, in addition to these, in the coming 2017, Tencent’s video platform will have a number of big IP giants that are looking forward to, such as “Ghost Blowing the Lights” and “The Ancient City”, “The Gentlemen’s Tomb Notes,” “Three-body” and “Sand”. "Sea", "Qingyun Zhi 2", "Breaking the Sky", "Full-time Master", etc., simply don't expect too much!

What smart TVs have Penguin TV installed?

The first is Changhong 60G3, which has both design and content. (Click to see detailed parameters)

Changhong TV is known for its hardware quality. The exterior design adopts a 5mm ultra-narrow surface frame for one-piece molding. The base of the rose gold metal wire is embellished with a drawing process on the backplane. The appearance of the whole machine is light and thin, and it rejects the mediocre design sense.

Changhong 60G3 highlights HDR technology, not only carrying imported 4K hard screen, 1.07 billion color panel color outstanding performance, but also through the matrix light control 200 partition backlight, accurate picture control, picture layering is more prominent. At the same time using T860 4k TV special chip, image processing more vivid colors, clear and sharp. In the case of good image quality, the HDR technology used by Changhong 60G3 is certified by HDR. Under the influence of USB decoding, HDMI decoding, and online decoding, HDR improves the picture quality even more.

The Changhong 60G3 is equipped with a MTK 25-core movement known as TV Qualcomm Snapdragon, a 64-bit processor, including a 4-core CPU, a 2-core GPU, and a 19-core coprocessor. The memory is equipped with 2G+8G and supports 2.4G+5G dual. Band wifi, Bluetooth 4.0 is more convenient to use. The artificial intelligence of Changhong 60G3 will combine big data to grasp the characteristics of family needs, adopt voice input methods, and support multi-dialect recognition. In terms of sound quality, with the outstanding UMAX sound system, the symphony suspension sound system highlights the whispering wall design concept.

Changhong 60G3, which has good hardware performance, covers popular video resources and is equipped with Tencent's video platform. It has online video 4K area, UMAX area, Hollywood, NBA, etc. with 10 hours+ hours to meet different needs.

The big screen game has always been the direction of the living room entertainment research. The cool development cloth 55N2 is a brand new game TV. (Click to see detailed parameters)

This TV is equipped with LG IPS hard screen 4K, imported from South Korea imported LCD panel, taking into account HDR decoding technology and 4K MEMC+, not only retain more dynamic range and image details, but also can achieve high-speed motion without smearing, clearer . This kind of picture quality is user welfare regardless of watching videos or playing games.

Smooth video playback and non-stopping game play is the result of the cool open 55N2 using 24 core 64-bit super-computing chips, 2G+8G memory collocation, GPU+ coprocessors all reaching the professional gaming graphics level, to ensure that the screen rendering completely does not drop frames. 4K H.265 decoding, support a variety of audio and video formats full lossless decoding, configure the Bluetooth 4.0 module, seamless connection.

Cool TV has a very strong identification mark is the front of the SoundBar, not only beautiful, but the TV sound lossless transmission, sound quality is also a feature. In terms of software, support for surround sound processing, as well as Dolby decoding and DTS 2.0 decoding, audiovisual experience is more outstanding.

Content, the cool open 55N2 first has a lot of game resources, including thousands of popular classic games, including action fighting, sports racing, flight shooting, casual puzzles and other types. The main source of video content is the massive amount of Tencent resources on penguin TV, “Warcraft”, “The Big Fish”, “Parasitic Beast”, “The Laughing City” and other films, TV series, variety shows, animations, and large-scale coverage of massive contents. The power game "News Editing Room" and many other HBO award-winning episodes, more than 2,500 TVB new and old episodes, national geographic documentaries, sports events, and new content are very powerful. In addition to the content of the film and television, there are different stages of learning courses, as well as large-screen shopping.

Although the positioning of the above two televisions is different, the appearance design and chip performance have their own merits. The representative of a traditional brand and the other one are also very good TVs made by Internet brands, but they have achieved the same strategy in the mass content of Penguin TV. There is no doubt that massive content adds a lot to two televisions.

Content has always been the core competition of smart TVs. Only by deploying high-quality content platforms that are optimized according to the user's on-demand habits can the contents be competitive. In the context of all-people entertainment, large-screen content platforms follow the trend and will produce more self-made or solo-only content, which is also the essence of paid content. The content is king, and it has already entered the stage of reality from theory. After the consumption choice, the content will become an absolute existence.

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