What sparks will medical electronics and artificial intelligence collide with?

What kind of sparks will happen when artificial intelligence meets medical treatment? According to the "2016 China Medical Health Intelligent Hardware Industry Report" released by iResearch, the market size of medical and health smart hardware will be close to 1 billion yuan in 2016, and the market prospect is broad. At the 18th High-Tech Fair, the application of "artificial intelligence + medical" can be seen everywhere. In addition to medical health smart hardware products such as robotic wheelchairs and dynamic blood glucose meters, the smart medical system has also attracted people's attention.

Robotic wheelchair

Own navigation and camera

"X-Men" movie fans must have envied Professor X's wheelchair to make a variety of cool skills, and the famous scientist Hawkingna is known as "the current technology peak" can "talk" for him, in the high At the meeting, the reporter also found an unusual wheelchair.

The shape of this robotic wheelchair is similar to that of a normal wheelchair, but the four wheels on the bottom use a high-power hub motor, like the MINI version of a car tire. Don't underestimate these tires. According to the person in charge, this robotic wheelchair can go straight, and its own navigation and camera can make it overcome obstacles.

The person in charge said that the product is the first self-developed robotic wheelchair in China, which can not only help the elderly and disabled people to walk and climb stairs, but also the two rows of tires at the bottom can be stacked upright to reach an elevation of up to 1.8 meters. Easily solve the problem of taking people from high places.

A robotic smart wheelchair that can easily go up and down the stairs and across obstacles. Shenzhen Evening News reporter Huang Mingshe

Dynamic blood glucose meter

Eliminate finger bleeding and measure blood sugar troubles

According to relevant surveys, this year, the number of diabetic patients aged 20 and over in Shenzhen reached 530,000. Four adults did not know that they had diabetes, and the situation of diabetes prevention and control was increasingly severe. At the high-tech fair, the reporter discovered a "detector" for diabetes monitoring.

The reporter saw that a dynamic blood glucose meter is about the size of an egg. Simply put the needle at the bottom of the blood glucose meter on the arm through subcutaneous intervention, and then transmit the blood glucose data of the day to the mobile phone via Bluetooth. In the past, diabetic patients often need to take finger bleeding to measure blood sugar.

According to the person in charge, the dynamic blood glucose meter can accurately measure the blood sugar in the fasting and 2 hours after the meal, display the blood glucose data every 6 minutes, provide 480 data per day, and remind you according to the blood sugar changes. The person in charge also said that the dynamic blood glucose meter can be worn for 7 days to form a professional blood sugar report. I have to say that this artifact is the gospel of diabetic patients.

Child antipyretics

Embedded smart semiconductor refrigeration chip

On the weekend, the high-tech fair also ushered in a large number of parent-child groups, and attracted a lot of daddy nurses to stop in the booth of a smart children's antipyretics. This head-mounted smart child antipyretic device is embedded in a smart semiconductor cooling chip, and the temperature is maintained at 15 ° C ~ 25 ° C through the remote control to achieve physical cooling effect.

The reporter also experienced a scene, put the antipyretic on the head to adjust the temperature, and soon felt a cool feeling straight to the forehead, very comfortable. According to the staff, the antipyretic device can quickly relieve fever, and the fever of the baby can obviously relieve the fever symptoms after wearing for 1~2 hours.

Intelligent child antipyretics, the world's first portable thermostat antipyretic physiotherapy device, can quickly heat up and shorten the child's fever cycle. Shenzhen Evening News reporter Huang Mingshe

Smart medical system

Interconnecting more than a thousand hospital information

“With the help of big data platform, even in rural areas, remote consultation can be realized through computers. Villagers can get good treatment without going out of town.” This is not a rhetoric. At the high-tech fair, a local company in Shenzhen displayed “Huainan Health Information”. The platform project will realize the information interconnection of more than 1,000 medical institutions in Huainan City, Anhui Province through a self-developed real-time database. The local citizens can know the past medical records regardless of which hospital they go to, so as to carry out accurate treatment.

According to the person in charge of the company, the “Huainan Health Information Platform Project” is the largest urban smart medical project in China, using cloud computing, Internet and other technologies to build regional medical and health information platforms, Internet hospitals, telemedicine (consulting) and other systems. platform. To a certain extent, it can solve the problem that residents are "difficult to see a doctor and expensive to see a doctor."

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