Where is Longwei? Qualcomm Snapdragon chip inventory

Qualcomm has been racing in the mobile phone chip market for many years. Thanks to the large number of communication patents that “buy the baseband to send the processor”, Qualcomm has always been in the position of market dominance. With the intensification of market competition, many mobile chip brands have gradually been squeezed out of the market, such as the ambitious intel, the smash hit Texas Instruments, and Qualcomm has been living very well, in addition to the monopoly status factor, Strong performance and good compatibility are also advantages that cannot be ignored. Below, the first domestic hardware detection platform Master Lu will come to check the development process of mobile CPU in the past few years.

Where is Longwei? Qualcomm Snapdragon chip inventory

Figure 1: Qualcomm Snapdragon test scores

Since Qualcomm named the Chinese name of the Snapdragon series processor as “骁龙” in 2012, it has carried out a series of positioning and sorting on its original product line, and has divided the new and old product lines into 800 series and 600. Series, 400 series and 200 series. The original S series has withdrawn from the historical stage, so we will not introduce the products under the S series. Master Lu will introduce the current product planning classification, and clearly clarify the Qualcomm chips.

Qualcomm Xiaolong 200

Nowadays, the entry-level products, but some S series chips were not mentioned at the time of the release, but with the release of competing products, the performance gradually lags behind, so that it is finally classified as the most introductory product. The Snapdragon 200 will mainly appear in products below the thousand yuan. For example, the MSM8X25 is the legendary cost-effective Qualcomm quad-core. You will often see it in a machine with a few hundred yuan, that is, the specific model that does not tell him.

The Snapdragon 200 series is mainly a 45nm process product, and there are also individual 28nm products. The quad-core Cortex A5 CPU/quad core ARM Cortex A7 architecture is commonly used, and the single core speed is between 1.2GHz and 1.4GHz. The corresponding GPU has Adreno 203 or Adreno 302. There are also some commonalities that are divided into standards, such as a maximum support of 1280x800 resolution, and a maximum support of 800W pixel camera. The more common models are 8110, 8210, 8610, 8112, 8212, 8612, 8225Q and 8625Q.

Master Lu V3.0 has improved the scoring system and enhanced the GPU weight. Therefore, the overall score of the Snapdragon 200 product will be somewhat enhanced, but the enhancement is very small. The score is mainly floating between 10,000 and 13,000 points. After all, it is an entry level. The product.

Qualcomm Xiaolong 400

The Snapdragon 400 is dedicated to thousands of models. Most of the series are dual-core. Because the process is generally 28nm process + Krait 300/200 architecture, the performance of the processor is better than the A5 architecture's 4-core Snapdragon 200. .

The Snapdragon 400 single core is up to 1.7GHz. Built-in Adreno305 GPU, supports up to 1080P resolution and 1350W pixel camera. The series includes 8026, 8028, 8228, 8628, 8928, 8926, 8030AB, 8226, 8230, 8230AB, 8626, 8630, 8630AB, 8930 and 8930AB, so many models include many tablet-free PCs. There are also products for different network standards. Although there are many models, the products are not too many. The more common 8x30 and 8x26 series scores in the system of Lu Master V3.0 from 15000 to 23000. The performance fluctuates greatly depending on the number of cores and the main frequency.

Qualcomm Xiaolong 600

This is the one with the fewest processors, only 8064T, 8064M. The 2013 "explosion" APQ8064 does not belong to this series, but belongs to the Xiaolong S4 pro. The Snapdragon 600 uses a 28nm LP quad-core Krait300 CPU with a single core speed of 1.9GHz and adds LP-DDR3 memory.

The most obvious enhancement of the Opteron 600 is the Adreno 320 GPU, which has 300% more graphics performance than the previous Adreno 2XX GPU and supports advanced graphics and computing APIs including OpenGL ES 3.0, DirectX, OpenCL, Renderscript Compute and FlexRenderTM2. .

Where is Longwei? Qualcomm Snapdragon chip inventory

Figure 2: Qualcomm Xiaolong series processor 3D test scores

In the 3D test scores of Master Lu V3.0, due to the greater progress of the Adreno320 GPU, the APQ8064 has a very obvious growth in graphics game performance, which became the most discussed product of the year, which also led to the Xiaomi 2 at that time. Hot.

Qualcomm Xiaolong 800/801

This may be the most familiar series of ordinary consumers. The Qualcomm Xiaolong 800 appeared in the conferences of various mobile phone manufacturers in 2013-2014. Various manufacturers are promoting this processor and using the dragon. The 800 means that the best processor in the moment is used, and there is really no rival in terms of performance and network compatibility.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 features a 28nm HPm quad-core Krait400 CPU with a single core speed of 2.3GHz and an updated Adreno330 GPU that delivers up to 50% better graphics performance. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, which was said to be the most in 2014, was upgraded at 0.2 GHz, and it also brought adjustments in other details.

Where is Longwei? Qualcomm Snapdragon chip inventory

Figure 3: Differences in specifications between Qualcomm Xiaolong 801 and 800

From the horizontal comparison of the test results of Master Lu, you will find that the progress of 801 is still there, especially in the performance of eMMc.

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