Who loves the home market, sofa butler application market more software? how to install?

Love Home Market TV Edition is a Android-based platform for smart TV and smart TV box APP resource acquisition. It is a third-party smart TV/Smart TV box application management software launched by Aijia TV. It is perfectly adapted to smart TV/smart The app store of the box APP provides users with free downloads of massive TV games, videos, music, parent-children, and other categories of APPs.

With the popularity of smart TVs and TV boxes becoming higher and higher, many of our friends have been unable to install a love home market after they have purchased related products. Today, Xiao Bian is offering a simplified version of the general installation tutorial after the summary, allowing you to quickly and easily learn how to install the love home market to everyone on the smart TV / TV box.

1. Download and install the love home market through your own browser

A considerable number of smart TVs and TV boxes use Android as their source, so Android’s native browsers will remain. After ensuring that your TV or box is online, you can enter the Aijia Market official website to download Aijia Market in this browser. TV version. After the download is complete, the system will remind you to install it. If the system does not automatically prompt to install, you can find the download management in the system, find the downloaded love home market in the download management to install.

2, through the U disk for love home market installation

U disk software installation is the most commonly used application installation method for smart TV and box users. Just download the good love home market through the computer into the U disk, and then insert the U disk in the TV or the box, the entire installation process is completed in half. After the U disk is linked to the TV or the box, the system will generally prompt, open the U disk directly in the prompt, and then find the installation package of the love home market copied from the computer, and click to install.

It should be noted that if the U disk is inserted into the TV or the box and the system fails to alert, the U disk must be opened through the system's resource manager (generally called the media manager/media player) to find love from the U disk. The home market installation package is installed.

However, compared to another smart TV application market - sofa housekeeper, the love family market is slightly inferior in terms of the number of applications or quality, and the sofa butler has a very strong focus on almost all types of smart TV/TV boxes on the market today. Detailed installation tutorial, in addition to the above U disk installation and browser installation, as well as sofa TV wizard installation, installation via PC, remote push and so on.

So Xiaobian here recommend this smart TV necessary application market - sofa butler.

Third-party film and television software is the real vast sky compared to the members of major manufacturers! After downloading the sofa butler, the user can directly search the corresponding video content in the sofa butler, and directly jump to the corresponding video software to watch, eliminating the need for complicated search work, so that the TV really intelligent ~

Sofa butler official website address: http://app.shafa.com/
Sofa Butler online download: sofa butler 4.8.2.apk

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