Why are more and more industry cross-border intelligent lighting?

As smart homes receive more and more attention, the competition in the smart home industry is becoming increasingly fierce. An important part of the smart home is the indispensable part of the smart lighting. In 2016, more and more well-known brands began to cross-border intelligent lighting and launched many innovative smart lighting products:

In April, Opt and Huawei jointly launched strategic cross-border cooperation, and announced the first batch of smart products after the cooperation between the two parties at the 2016 All-Joint Conference of Huawei in August;

In October, Haier launched its professional lighting brand Haier Butler, with the goal of becoming a leader in the intelligent lighting industry;

In November, Philips Lighting and Xiaomi formed a new joint venture company, which will fully promote the development of intelligent home Internet lighting. In the international market, Philips Lighting has cooperated with well-known Internet companies such as Apple and Amazon in the field of smart home.

In addition to the companies mentioned above, in recent years, Microsoft, Qualcomm, ZTE, Jingdong, Baidu, Ali and Meizu have entered the smart lighting market in various fields... This series of actions can not help but raise questions. : Why are more and more industry cross-border intelligent lighting?

Why are more and more industry cross-border intelligent lighting?

Leading new industry outbreaks

On August 31, Op Lighting was the preferred lighting strategy partner of Huawei, and it was unveiled at Huawei's full-connect conference. Op Lighting has demonstrated the overall home solution presented under the support of Huawei Hilink. The two parties have integrated the lighting and home through Hilink technology, presenting a smart home light life. Opto Lighting CTO Qi Xiaoming said at the conference that only further in-depth thinking and exploration of lighting applications, the development of emerging Internet of Things technologies, such as cloud technology, artificial intelligence, etc., into the lighting field, and from the consumer perspective "People-oriented" lighting can create new industry outbreaks.

Give full play to user resources

On October 18, at the launch conference of Haier Xiaoguanjia intelligent lighting brand, Haier Xiaoguanjia intelligent lighting, as Haier's professional lighting brand, relied on Haier's 120 million home user advantage and Haier U+ smart home Internet platform, U+ cloud service platform and Haier U+ Smart Life's overall solution provides strong technical support and resource support. It is committed to using home smart lighting as an entry point to provide users with more complete intelligent lighting products and solutions to meet the one-stop shopping needs of users.

Use the retail channel to enhance the consumer experience

On November 2, Philips Lighting and Xiaomi signed an agreement to form a new joint venture. The company will provide another branch of the Xiaomi Smart Home ecosystem, allowing users to intelligently control lighting through their mobile phones. The two parties said that the products developed by the new company in the future will be sold through Xiaomi's retail channels. Philips Lighting said that the joint venture between Xiaomi and Philips will open up the future direction of smart homes. Philips Lighting will provide users of the Xiaomi Smart Home Ecosystem with better performance. Xiaomi said that through this cooperation, Xiaomi and Philips Lighting will fully exert their advantages in their own fields and enhance the product experience of consumers.

Lighting is an indispensable part of smart homes

In today's environment where traditional lighting is gradually shrinking and the competition in the LED lighting market is still very fierce, the emergence of intelligent lighting will undoubtedly bring about a breakthrough. Lighting is different from other furniture equipment, and lighting products are an indispensable part of every space in the home. No matter which space in the house, you need the existence of lighting products to better play the role of the home. So correspondingly, smart lighting is very important as part of a smart home. In fact, the boom in smart home is hitting the market at an unexpected rate. If there is no way to master the technology of intelligent lighting, it is undoubtedly a kind of "incomplete" for other smart home applications.

Explain that smart lighting is also part of the Internet of Things, and is no longer solely for the lighting industry. Many well-known foreign brands such as Microsoft and Apple have also entered the field of intelligent lighting across the border. It is the best testimony to seize the limelight in the smart lighting industry. According to data analysis, by 2020, the overall market for intelligent lighting is expected to reach 8.14 billion US dollars, and the annual compound annual growth rate from 2015 to 2020 is 22.07%. It can be seen from these data that intelligent lighting has become an important outlet for the smart home industry, and the space and potential for development are quite huge. To realize smart home, intelligent lighting must be a crucial link in the development of smart home, no matter in the development of product technology or the overall needs of users.

Cross-border, perfect integration of advanced technology

Smart homes seem to have a broad future, but for the lack of various technologies and the inconsistency of standards, the inaccuracy of user needs, etc., the smart home enterprises have not shown signs of smooth sailing. Among them, the problem of interconnection and interoperability of smart home products is the most difficult problem for enterprises. With the advent of the Internet of Things era, intelligent lighting cannot exist alone, and must communicate and influence each other with other Internet of Things furniture.

The reason why many well-known enterprises can cross-border and enter the intelligent lighting market is mainly because the essence of intelligent lighting is based on the electronic and networked lighting system, which can not only realize the intelligent control of the lighting system, but also realize the basics of automatic adjustment and scene lighting. Function, and also an entry point to the Internet, to generate more high value-added services.

Smart light bulbs are the most common in smart home products. If the convenience and stability of smart light bulbs cannot be guaranteed, the more complicated smart home appliances. If these problems are not solved, it will still be a vision for smart homes to enter thousands of households for a long time. Cross-border intelligent lighting of well-known smart home enterprises not only further enriches the products of enterprises in the field of smart home, but also facilitates the further development of smart home products and solutions. In the cooperation between the technical level of the mutual technology and the compatibility platform, it is more conducive to the development of the smart home market.

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