With a suitcase that can automatically go with the owner

Tencent Digital (Compiled: Remarks) believes that many people, like me, would like to have a strong assistant to help every time they push a heavy suitcase. No matter how we are not stars, president, can not always find an assistant to follow. But it doesn't matter. Although we can't find someone who can help us push the luggage anytime, anywhere, we can have a box that can follow us. Absolutely pull the wind.

The suitcase that can follow people is called "Travelmate" and is a research and development achievement of a California startup. In appearance alone, the Travelmate is not much different from the traditional luggage. However, when it "walks", it can be much more stunning.

Travelmate can keep up with its owner in a densely populated place, at a speed of 11km/h. Although not able to keep up with the people who are running (24 km/h), they can definitely surpass the average walking speed. In addition to the speed advantage, Travelmate equipped with universal wheels also has many tricks in the "walking" mode. Travelmate can not only walk in the box, but also can turn on, stand upright, or "kick it off."

Travelmate automatic built-in sensor can be connected with the corresponding smart phone, so that you can detect the position signal, automatically follow. At the same time, it can also detect obstacles and automatically avoid other pedestrians and roadblocks.

In order to ensure the normal operation of various functional modules in the luggage compartment, Travelmate has a built-in battery module. The user can charge it through any standard socket. Its built-in rechargeable battery can provide up to 4 hours of power for the autonomous follow-up trunk and up to 100 hours of power for the normal mode. Of course, the Travelmate's built-in rechargeable battery can also be used as a mobile power source to provide power for people on the road.

In terms of detail design, Travelmate's performance is also very good. The R&D team installed a speaker module in the luggage compartment. Once a condition that no luggage can be found occurred, the Rack can use the App to control the trunk to make a sound and call the owner. And in order to facilitate the user to handle work on the go. Travelmate can also be turned directly into a portable table, can read, write or even the Internet. In addition, in the interior of the luggage compartment, a separate compartment has been specially designed to store valuable items such as cash, jewelry and certificates.

At present, Travelmate smart suitcase has begun crowdfunding on Indiegogo, crowdfunding target is 40,000 US dollars, early bird price R & D team to provide users with three different sizes of luggage to choose from, the crowdfunding price is 399, 495 and 595 US dollars (approximately RMB 2716, 3369 and 4050), if all goes well, is expected to ship in June 2017, if you travel frequently carrying a suitcase in the airport, all kinds of shuttle, then Travelmate will be able to Become your personal "porter".

Source: Indiegogo

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