Yan Xiaobing reveals the Jingdong home appliance layout in 2014

Yan Xiaobing reveals the Jingdong home appliance layout in 2014

Since the beginning of 2014, Jingdong Mall's home appliance business has been doomed to be extraordinary: quietly, almost all major home appliance manufacturers have considered Jingdong as an extremely important partner – at least two years ago, this still could not imagination.

Reversal of relations with first-tier companies On Wednesday (19th), Yan Xiaobing, vice president of the Jingdong Mall and general manager of the household appliances division, debuted at the 2014 China Household Appliances Expo (AWE2014). He said during an exclusive interview with the China State Grid Corporation reporter that as a development of JD.com home appliances Witnesses, he felt very deep. Two years ago, JD.com was mainly engaged in strategic cooperation with the third-tier home appliance brands. Last year, it developed into a second-line brand that wanted to bend overtaking. “In 2014, we had almost an important cooperation with all first-line brands. My feeling is that these companies are no longer viewing the cooperation with JD.com as touching the net, making a show, or trying it out. Instead, they really regard the cooperation with the Internet platform as a very important thing. The enthusiasm of the enterprise is far away. It's not the same."

Yan Xiaobing, Vice President of Jingdong Mall and General Manager of the Household Appliances Division, is the larger appliance company. The later the deep cooperation with Jingdong begins, this has nothing to do with JD. It is not related to the market, but is a strong offline resource for large household appliances companies. It was easy to become overwhelming pressure and burden during the transition. However, the current situation is that the pressure has to be transformed, because the impact of Internet platforms such as JD.com on the home appliance industry has expanded from the first-tier and second-tier stores to the third, fourth and fifth-tier manufacturers' stores and franchise stores.

The promotion of O2O strategic area pricing differences was once the “hidden rule” of the home appliance industry. However, under the impact of the Internet platform, regional pricing could not be achieved. In the first-tier and second-tier cities, this impacts on the major chains of Gome and Suning. “But if you go down, it will impact on the home appliance manufacturers that have been building up over the years. Stores and franchise stores, Yan Xiaobing said that as far as he knows, there are already vendors that have started to promote the transformation and upgrading of their huge number of stores - the direction is mainly the upgrading of functions, turning commodity sales into non-main functions, and Emphasize service. Jingdong’s O2O strategy will be reflected in its cooperation with these stores.

It is understood that the first and second-tier cities of Jingdong have basically achieved full coverage, but in the third and fourth-tier markets, Jingdong has encountered things that Gome Suning could not have done before - it is difficult to cover all aspects. The traditional retailers and the Internet platform are common. Caused a large number of inventories in the third and fourth tier cities, traditional chain stores, inventories in stock, Jingdong and other Internet platforms are also stocking, Yan Xiaobing affirmed that Jingdong will achieve cooperation with these inventory points in the future, and ultimately achieve consumption. The shoppers in Jingdong, the local franchised stores are responsible for the post-delivery and after-sales model.

“Jingdong does not need to cover all corners of China. The first and second-tier cities cover themselves. Some of the key provinces are also covered. Guangdong is 100% full coverage. Henan Province is currently piloting 100% coverage, but channels are again Going down to the middle and western regions, to the fourth and fifth-tier markets is to promote the O2O strategy and become a platform.”

Although he did not disclose specific planning details, he said that if the above-mentioned stores are really transformed into service-oriented stores, then the manufacturers and Jingdong can give follow-up service subsidies, and this cooperation model has made progress. Already there are manufacturers to pack the store, and then talk about cooperation with Jingdong."

On the 21st of March, AWE2014 came to a conclusion on the intellectualization and big data analysis. The most prominent features of this exhibition are "intelligent" and "healthy home appliances."

In terms of intelligent home appliances, Jingdong believes that smart will have a disruptive impact on the home appliance industry. If a strong vendor cannot grasp it in time, it may become a past tense. "A lot of home appliance companies say that the Internet is the third revolution. I think intelligence should also be the same status." Yan Xiaobing said, "Jingdong will participate in it, but Jingdong is a platform. We hope that everyone can perform their duties." Technology technology is not what we are best at, and the interaction with users is what we are good at. Jingdong will not enter areas where it is not good at, but Jingdong is willing to make this platform a platform for integration, and we also have this responsibility."

He disclosed that many manufacturers have already found Jingdong and they hope Jingdong can share big data and jointly promote the development of intelligent home appliances. In the relationship between user information and intelligence, Jingdong and other platforms may have a lot to do. It is understood that in April, Jingdong Home Appliances will launch a consumer interaction platform to collect consumer demand information. “The information that has been purchased is meaningless because consumers have already made a choice and the home appliance page will realize and consume. The interaction of the person, such information is collected, the manufacturer can know what kind of product the consumer needs, thus realize the guidance production.

Views on healthy home appliances At the AWE 2014 site, a reporter from the China National Grid observed that most domestic and foreign mainstream manufacturers have introduced air purifiers or water purification products.

Recently, sales of healthy appliances on Jingdong Mall have been hot. Every smog, there will be an explosive growth in sales of air-clean products. Yan Xiaobing said that the current consumer demand for air-to-air products is still in the “urgent demand” phase. Consumers who have old people or children, or who pay attention to quality of life, will only purchase air purifier products. “This is far from universalization. The distance, such as the current household will only buy an air purifier, a space can only purify tens of square meters, only one family is certainly not enough, there are a few to meet the overall needs, but now far Far less than that.” He therefore believes that the hot sales of air purifiers will be difficult to change within five years.

At Jingdong Mall, the sales of water purification products have not yet reached the level of untapped products, because consumers’ perception of water is not as scary as the perception of air, but with the promotion of publicity and consumer awareness Water purification products will also usher in explosive growth. Yan Xiaobing took himself as an example. At present, there are no clean water products in his home. However, he has already begun to pay attention to water purification products and is considering what kind of products to buy.

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