Ye Rongnan: Road lighting dynamic measurement method

On June 10, 2010, the “6th China LED Industry Theme Summit Forum” hosted by Gaogong LED was successfully held at the Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair. The conference was held concurrently with the 2010 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. The topics covered include the talent, market, investment, technology, EMC model and other hot topics in the current LED industry.


Professor Ye Rongnan, professor-level senior engineer of Fujian Optoelectronic Industry Association

Mr. Tang Guoqing, General Manager of CREE China Market, Zhang Jiliu, Chairman of Zhongwei Optoelectronics, Gong Weibin, General Manager of Ruifeng Optoelectronics, He Wenming, Chairman of Zhongke Wanbang, Xiong Kecang, Chairman of Lelei Optoelectronics, and Zhang Hui, Deputy General Manager of Guanyu Technology Co., Ltd. Li Yimin, vice president of TCL Lighting, Ye Rongnan, professor-level senior engineer of Fujian Optoelectronics Industry Association, Deng Hao, lawyer of Cubic Law Firm, Zhang Ziqi, general manager of Sunda Baili, Chen Bin, general manager of Zhonglong Transportation, and LED Industry Research Institute (GLII) Dr. Zhang Xiaofei and other experts made a wonderful theme report in the forum.

The conference attracted 600 spectators. They are senior managers, technical experts, and members of investment institutions and government agencies from foreign lighting companies.

At present, road lighting measurement is mainly measured by the point method, but this method has many limitations in practical use. Prof. Ye Rongnan from the Fujian Photovoltaic Industry Association pointed out that the measurement method adopted by the distribution method is quite cumbersome, the illumination measurement is difficult, and the brightness measurement is more difficult; the calculation is cumbersome, and the road is closed, not to mention the measurement of glare, the labor cost is large, and the social cost is greater.

Therefore, it is necessary to create a vehicle dynamic field test equipment and establish a more objective, simple and accurate measurement method to evaluate the road lighting quality. To this end, Professor Ye proposed a dynamic measurement method for road lighting. Since the light information acquired by the human eye in road observation is brightness rather than illuminance, the target can be identified when there is a difference between the target light and the road surface light; this difference refers to the luminosity difference, which contains both brightness and dominant wavelength. (hue) and color purity (saturation); the three can be identified as long as one of them differs.

The road lighting dynamic measurement method is characterized by: simulating the human eye to observe the road surface while driving; instead of fixed-point detection, it simulates the driver's driving process for dynamic detection, which more truly reflects the scene seen by the human eye; The vehicle-mounted instrument simulates the driving path of the car for dynamic measurement; it more objectively, comprehensively and accurately reflects the whole process of the human eye in the driving state; the measurement is mainly based on the brightness, and the illuminance is supplemented; the true feeling of the human eye is reflected faithfully, There will be a sense of "scratching the boots"; there is no need to block the road, the social cost is low, and it has strong operability. And save labor, save time, safety and reliability.