Yuyuan announced that LED light efficiency has exceeded 230lm/W and is expected to be put into mass production in November.

The LED chip with luminous efficiency of up to 230lm/W is introduced. After the LED bulb is finished, the light efficiency can still be maintained up to 230lm/W, which is not affected by the light reduction effect of the lamp, and the LED bulb can be illuminated. Up to 300 degrees, compared to the current half-circumference LED bulb's illumination angle of 120 degrees or 270 degrees of full-circumference light bulbs, the new product will greatly increase the wide-angle performance of LED bulbs.

According to the industry's previously published LED chip luminous efficiency, in the laboratory stage, CREE products have reached 265lm / W, Nichia can reach 250lm / W, the current 230lm / W chip light efficiency in the laboratory stage Ranked 3rd in the world, if it is mass production, it will be the brightest LED chip product in the world. The circle does not elaborate on its technical principle, but it is understood that the product is applied to small-size LED chips by phosphor coating technology.

According to Yuyuan, due to the improvement of efficiency, the chips used in LED bulbs can be greatly reduced, the efficiency and heat dissipation requirements are also greatly reduced, and the manufacturing cost naturally decreases. It is expected to be mass-produced in November and will be brought in each month in the future. NT$50 million in revenue contribution.

As LCD display in YFJ company that we usually use it to military grade battery ,especially Lithium-ion batteries ,for these battery applications ,we have obvious advantage is that we focus more on shor circuit protection which we follow the US military standard.

Short circuit protection:The following test shall be performed. Charge batteriesas specified in  ; use of 4.6.3 is permitted. Measure and record the OCV. Short each battery across all the positive and negative terminals with a total external resistance not greater than 50 milliohms. After one hour remove the short from across the terminals. Measure and record the OCV. Stabilize batteries at the normal conditions of 4.3.1 for not less than 2 hours. Chargebatteries in accordance with 4.6; use of 4.6.3 is permitted. Stabilize batteries at normal conditions for not less than 2 hours, then discharge the battery in accordance with The battery shall meet the requirements of

Li-Ion Battery With Lcd Display 

Charge voltage:                                 16.8V

Nominal voltage :                               14.8V  (4S7P)

Initial impedance :                            120mΩ

Nominal capacity:                             19.6Ah

Minimum capacity:                            19.4Ah

Communication methods :                  SMBUS data communication

Electricity quantity show:                    LCD Electricity quantity show

Charge current:                                Standard Charging::0.2C5A (3.9A)

  Rapid charge:                                 0.5C5A C(9.8A) Max

Standard Charging method :              3.9A(0.2C5A) CC(constant current)charge to 16.8V,then CV(constant voltage 16.8V)charge till charge current decline to ≤196mA(≈0.01C5A)

Charging time:Standard Charging:      6.5hours(Ref.)

Rapid charge:                                   3.5 hours(Ref.)

Max.discharge current:                      9.8A(0.5C5A)

Discharge cut-off voltage:                 10.0V

Cycle life (0.2C5A/0.2C5A) :              500 items,≧80%DOD; 300 times,≧80%DOD

Operating temperature :                   Charging:  0℃~45℃



Li-ion Battery With LCD Display

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